Prodigy Tactics

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Title: Prodigy Tactics PC Game
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Developer: Hanakai Studio
Release Date: 9 Nov, 2017
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About Prodigy Tactics
Prodigy Tactics pc game is a first-person Action, Adventure, RPG video game developed by Hanakai Studio. It was released worldwide for the Microsoft Windows on 9 Nov, 2017.Prodigy is a tactical role-playing game played with figurines representing game characters placed on a 3x4 board.The board uses near field communication (NFC) technology.Each square on the board's grid gives different capabilities to the characters in the video game.The front row gives offensive bonuses, while the back row gives defensive bonuses.The middle line is neutral. Characters can be moved freely around the board, with no action points or other forms of limitation.There will be an initial group of 23 figurines for the game.
How to Download?
System Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7/Vista/8/10
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4440 (or equivalent)
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • HDD: 4 GB available space
  • Video Card: GeForce GTX 660, AMD Radeon HD 7850

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